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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Click here to learn more about treating anxiety attacks

Learning how to cure anxietyis not paricularly difficult. I have researched and explored many different ways to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms.

Some will tell you that, by definition, anxiety disorder and panic attacks are deeply intertwined with each other, and that the only divergence between anxiety attacks and panic attacks is that a panic attack is an anxiety attack out of control, and I mean just around the corner.

Indications of panic attacks include difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, a dizzy feeling, unexplained cold, feelings of dread, crawling sensation on your skin, and even numbness in one’s fingers and toes. On the other hand, signs of anxiety disorder actually include many of those above but always with a far less degree of intensity. Some people say that one feels control is lost while having a panic attack, and while you are having an anxiety attack, you feel about to lose control

Many doctors would suggest that a combination of medication and therapy is appropriate, yet others believe that prolonged consumption of antidepressant drugs such as Paxil and Zoloft can lead to dependency and or addiction. In fact, more and more doctors feel that medications only address the symptoms and not the real problem itself.

Although there are no specific scientific studies to actually connect food with panic attacks, it has been agreed that there are some foods that aggravate and step-up the risk of panic attacks. Caffeine is one of these culprits. Those who usually drink close to five cups of coffee or soda can increase their chances of having them. Alcohol as well as illegal drugs can also create a chemical reaction in the body making you open to panic attacks. One good idea is to drink more of herbal teas of sage and chamomile, instead of caffeine to calm your nervous system.

When learning how to cure anxiety, whatever elevates your heart rate for over half an hour can help your body cope with stress thereby rendering you less prone to panic attacks. Your body needs physical exercise that benefits every organ in the body and promotes circulation. What you chose to do can be as simple as brisk walking, gardening or even walking the dog around the block.

Deep breathing and meditation are great stress-management methods and considered by most as an appropriate treatment for panic attacks. Yoga preaches breathing from the abdomen making our oxygen intake much deeper. The value of deep breathing cannot be stressed enough. It can relieve the body of more impurities adding health and vitality. Learn how to cure anxiety today and with a stress-free mind, enjoy your future.

Click here to learn more about treating anxiety attacks

Posted by lykenblack at 4:17 PM EST

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